Christmas Message

Yate Twinning has received this Christmas message from Bad Salzdetfurth. Dear people from Yate - all inhabitants from Bad Salzdetfurth wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also wish you health and happiness all over the year and may all your dreams and wishes become true. 

People from Bad Salzdetfurth think of you all while the Advent- and Christmas time and at Sylvester very especially and we rise up our glases on you.

We are looking forward to see you again in 2014.

Christmas brings greetings
From far and near
All with good wishes
For Christmas cheer,
But there's not another
More happily sent
Than this wish for you
That's so warmly meant.

The twinning association

from Bad Salzdetfurth

Group from Bad Salzdetfurth visits Bath

Following a cream tea in Poole Court yesterday afternoon, the group are exploring Bath today. Then two members of Yate Twinning will be accompanying the main group from Bad Salzdetfurth by coach to Cornwall, while the rest stay with hosts locally.  

Visit from Bad Salzdetfurth

A group from Bad Salzdetfurth will be arriving in Yate on Monday 29th April. Some will be staying overnight before travelling on to Cornwall and others will be in Yate for the week. Several events are planned while they are here (see Events Calendar). Members of Yate Twinning should contact Ruth (tel. 01454 314776) if they would like to take part.    

Cooperation between twinnings

Mike Pearce attended the AGM of the South Gloucestershire Twinning Forum in March, where Ann Kennard, Chair of Bristol-Hannover Council, led a discussion about possible cooperation between twinnings in the region.